brain and body


With locations in Colorado Springs and Denver, Brain and Body Integration offers quality mental health services using psychological, neurophysiological, and adaptive functioning evaluations.

Mental Health Services

Approved Insurances

We accept a variety of health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, in order to reduce the burden of paying out of pocket for this service.


Brain and Body Integration offers a variety of evaluations based on your individual needs.

Medication Management

Our medically informed, holistic approach to treatment seeks to help our clients with their specific psychological needs.


Brain and Body Integration provides training at the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral level for aspiring Clinical Psychologists.

We're here for you when you need us. Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our trained and experienced staff.

Brain and Body Integration is currently OPEN for business.  We will update our website and Facebook page if any disturbances in services must occur due to government recommendations concerning the Corona Virus.