General Questions:

For Dr. Julie Brann, there are intake forms that need to be completed before an appointment can be scheduled (within the Forms page).  For those who are seeking an evaluation from Brain and Body Integration, a Brain and Body Integration intake form must be completed before you can be scheduled.  An informed consent and release of information form are needed and these will be completed on the day of testing.  You may bring in supporting paperwork (if applicable) if you have it available (i.e. reports from medical doctors, schools, lawyers, etc.).  If you would like to set up an evaluation, please use our referral form within the Forms page.  Email the completed form to brainandbodyintegration@gmail.com

Julie Brann is a psychiatric nurse practitioner that provides medication management services. Julie Brann specializes in both children and adults.

Cigna, Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare, United, and BCBS for all Evaluations. Julie Brann accepts many different insurances, please see her list of accepted insurances within the Services>Medication Management section of the website.

We do not currently offer therapy or counseling services.

Evaluation Questions:

These are performed by our clinical psychologists and psychological technicians.  You may view some of their profiles within the Mental Health Evaluations page on our website.

No, we do not require a referral to schedule an appointment.  However, we have many community partners in Colorado Springs and Denver and we are able to receive referrals from any mental health or medical provider.  Or, you can fill out our intake forms, which is located under the Forms page on our website.

Yes, we offer autism spectrum testing for children starting at 18 months old. We can perform Adaptive/IQ testing starting at 3 years of age.  We perform psychological evaluations, neuropsychological evaluations, and learning disorder evaluations starting at age 6.

Autism spectrum testing can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.  An adaptive functioning evaluation typically lasts up to two hours.  A psychological evaluation typically take 4-5 hours to complete.  Learning disorder evaluation typically take 5-6 hours to complete, although testing can take longer for certain children.  An adult neuropsychological evaluation typically takes 6-8 hours to perform.  Similarly, testing may extend past-8 hours based on a variety of different variables. A child neurological evaluation can also last up to eight hours, and testing may extend past that time based on a variety of situations or child characteristics.

You are more than welcome to bring food to your evaluation appointment, although is food is not provided at our clinic. Breaks are provided as needed, and we encourage you to ask for breaks as often as you need.

Most testing will be administered via the use of I-Pads, pen and paper, and visual and auditory stimuli that require you to complete a variety of tasks.

psychological evaluation is typically administered to determine if an individual has any mental health concerns/diagnoses (ages 6-99).  The focus is generally diagnostic and focuses on determining if mental health diagnoses are present (this is not an evaluation that is designed to be strengths-based or similar to a Myers-Briggs test that measures more positive aspects of personality). A neuropsychological evaluation is used to determine if an intellectual disability or neurocognitive disorder is present (ages 6-99). An adaptive functioning evaluation is used to determine an individual’s cognitive and adaptive functioning, and it may help some people with developmental disabilities to qualify for various services (ages 4 to 99). A learning disorder evaluation is used to determine if you have a specific learning disability or intellectual disability (ages 6 to 50).  An autism spectrum evaluation is used to determine if an individual has a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, or possibly another neurodevelopmental disorder (age 18 months and older).

It depends. Parents are required to be present for autism spectrum evaluations for clients under 7 years of age.  They may be required to be in the room with the child for part or all of the evaluation. NO SIBLINGS are allowed in the testing room. If you arrive with your child’s siblings, and you do not have someone with you to watch the other children, evaluations for children under 7 may be discontinued (due to standardization rules for the ADOS-2 test that siblings not be present in the room for the observational/play assessment).  For all other evaluations we ask that you be available for an interview and to complete certain measures during the evaluation.  We also require you to return within 20 minutes of a phone call from our office if we require your presence for any reason.

Results should be made available to you within 1-2 business weeks of the evaluation. After this period of time has lapsed (and you have not been contacted about the evaluation), you can follow up directly with your examiner to ask when your report will be ready.  If you have lost their number, feel free to call the main office line and our administrative assistant can provide it to you.

Check your spam folder. Oftentimes, our secure emails end up in the Spam folder. If you still do not receive an email from our team, please contact our office so we can send your results to your preferred email address (or via USPS mail).

Please read the email thoroughly.  You will need to create a temporary username and password to access the secure email.  Please check your spam or junk folder before calling the office after 48 hours has expired and you still cannot gain access to it.  We suggest saving the report to your computer as the link to the secure email will expire.

Please call your examiner (generally, the examiner will reach out to you to schedule a feedback session).  If you lost the examiner’s number, feel free to call our main office line and our administrative assistant can provide it to you.

You (or the appropriate party that needs the form signed) can email or fax the form to us, and we will fill out the form and send it to the appropriate party. Please allow up to one week for paperwork to be completed.

No, we do not.  Our clients must understand and speak English fluently.  Exceptions would be if an individual is non-verbal, or fluent speech has not yet been attained due to the child’s developmental age.  If parents of our client need an interpreter, then we are able to use telephone interpreter services.

Our team of clinicians are not medical doctors, so we cannot advise a client regarding their prescription medication.

Our property management company only allows certified service animals in the building. 

Visit our Forms page to download a Request for Release of Document Reports. Every additional hard copy it will be a charge of $5 each. Once the release of information has been filled out and sent in with picture ID, you will be able to pick up your report 24 hours afterwards between 1-5 pm M-F.

If weather conditions keep you from making your appointment, please call our office as soon as possible to advise us you will not be able to attend the appointment.  Similarly, if our clinicians are unable to come to the office due to weather conditions, we will also call you as soon as possible to cancel the appointment.  We will then call you within 24-48 hours to reschedule your appointment. 

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