Neurodevelopmental Evaluations Colorado

At Brain and Body Integration, we provide neurodevelopmental evaluations for children ages 18 months to 17 years old that assess for a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders and conditions. Our evaluations do not assess for all neurodevelopmental disorders; instead, we focus on a few of the more prevalent disorders that can be tested within our outpatient setting in Colorado Springs and Denver. For example, we assess for autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, communication disorder, learning disorders, and global developmental delay.  We are not able to assess for genetic disorders (typically diagnosed via chromosomal microarray genetic testing) or motor disorders (a pediatrician or occupational therapist are good options to assess for conditions affecting gross or fine motor skills). 

Given the scope of what we assess for, our neurodevelopmental evaluations in Colorado Springs and Denver typically measure areas of functioning such as social communication; restricted, repetitive interests, activities, or behaviors; language (receptive and expressive language); overall intelligence; attention, concentration, and impulsivity; and math/reading/writing skills. We use standardized, research-based tests to measure these areas of ability/functioning and to see whether or not your child has a neurodevelopmental disorder.  We also conduct a clinical interview to gather information about your child’s history.  We will ask questions related to your child’s presenting symptoms, family dynamics, developmental history, educational history, family history of developmental disorders, potential substance use or exposure to substances, and medical history.  Our neurodevelopmental evaluations in Colorado Springs and Denver also involve administering questionnaires to you or another caretaker that ask questions about your child’s functioning across various domains. In addition, we observe your child throughout testing to gather data about your child’s behavior and notate anything that appears to be outside of normal limits.

As our neurodevelopmental evaluations have a combination of clinical interviews, behavioral observations, questionnaires, and standardized testing, we are able to gather comprehensive data to accurately diagnose any of the conditions listed above. Our clinics in Colorado Springs and Denver then provide treatment recommendations for your child to help treat the neurodevelopmental disorder observed or measured during testing.