Neuropsychological/Psychological Evaluation Post-Doctoral Residency

Brain and Body Integration – Hiring at our Colorado Springs Office and South Denver Office

Job Description

We are proud to introduce you to our practice, Brain and Body Integration!

We would like to invite you to become a part of our amazing team! Brain and Body Integration is an outpatient practice with two locations in Colorado Springs and Denver. We provide psychological, neuropsychological, learning disorder, and neurodevelopmental evaluations. It is our mission to evaluate individuals with a variety of mental health, neurocognitive, and neurodevelopmental needs, and identify the correct path to treatment and wellness. Every evaluation starts with a question that needs to be answered. It is our job to use our unique skill set to answer that question through careful interviewing, test battery design, and excellent conceptualization and summary that clearly explains the answers to our clients’ questions. We believe that by providing accurate answers and diagnostic conceptualizations, we can guide our clients to treatments that work and lead to improvement in the quality of their lives.

If you have a passion for assessment and want to make an impact to the lives of the children, adults, and families we serve, this may be the professional future you’ve been looking for.

We are seeking: a full-time post-doctoral intern at our Colorado Springs and Denver locations. Our post-doctoral interns typically perform three evaluations per week, and feedback is provided to all clients that we evaluate. We mostly focus on serving Medicaid clients and other disadvantaged populations. Although we aren’t able to collect outrageous reimbursement rates, we are able to impact a community that deserves our attention. We also believe that our services are essential for clients to receive targeted treatment and resources that are designed to meet their unique needs.

We offer:

· Flexibility in scheduling. The first three months of the post-doctoral internship is spent in-office. After the first three months, you are permitted to write up your evaluation reports from home.

· Comprehensive training to ensure you feel confident and competent in the evaluations we perform.

· Excellent supervision. Our supervisors are experts in evaluation and commitment to your growth and development.

· Weekly didactics focused on topics related to assessment

· Two options for payment: 1. Salaried position that pays $52,000 per year. OR 2. Payment received per evaluation you perform. Payment per evaluation starts at $300 per evaluation and increases throughout the year based on performance.

· Reimbursement of malpractice insurance policy premiums and state license fees

· $500 continuing education allowance

· Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance coverage

· 401k 4% matching

· 48 hours of PTO (with PTO being increased for each year that you maintain employment with our practice)

Education and Qualifications

· Licensed in the state of Colorado as a Psychologist Candidate

· Psy.D. or Ph.D. in Clinical, Forensic, or School Psychology

· Prior experience in comprehensive evaluations

· A desire and passion to learn new evaluations, tests, and assessment; and a commitment to becoming one of the best evaluation psychologists in the state of Colorado

Job Duties and Team Dynamic

· Perform 3 evaluations per week

· Provide feedback to each client you evaluate

· Write quality evaluation reports that answer the referral question without writing a novel

· Consult with other team members and offer your consultation when needed

· Participate in individual supervision once per week. Participate in group supervision once every other week. Attend didactics once per week.

· Facilitate growth and connectedness amongst your colleagues. Our practice can only be as healthy and thriving as each individual employee and the impact they have upon their colleagues. If our team is healthy and happy, our practice will do just fine.

If this job fits with the passion and purpose you have for the practice of psychology, contact us today!

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $52,000.00 per year

Please apply by submitting your resume to: