Brain & Body Integration 3rd Thornton/Westminster Location Announcement

Brain and Body Integration offers high-quality mental health assessments such as, psychological, neuropsychological, learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and adaptive functioning evaluations. Our team of experts is well-known for our caring nature and willingness to provide our patients with answers they’ve been searching for when it comes to their mental health. With the success and support of our clientele and community, we wanted to reveal a special announcement to you all regarding a brand new BBI location!

Just as our Colorado Springs and Denver locations have been flourishing, we are excited to announce the opening of yet another third location for BBI in Thornton/Westminster, Colorado! We felt it was time to expand to help those around the Denver area more, so we have officially opened a brand-new office located at 8380 Zuni St Unit 305, Denver, CO 80221. If you live near or around the Thornton/Westminster area, we invite you to come in and see our beautiful new workplace to schedule a personal appointment with any of our clinical staff. This new location aids with our other Denver office so you never have to wait too long for your appointment.

Mental Health Assessments Thornton/Westminster

Just like our other two locations, this new North Denver office includes a team of highly certified psychologists and master-degree level clinicians that provide the best quality evaluations individuals need. Our purpose is to help each and every one of you to get on the right path of healing, so having another location available to our patients is a dream come true! If you’ve been to either of our Colorado Springs or Denver offices, you can expect the same standard of mental health services here. Respect, privacy, cleanliness, and urgency are just some of the many attributes you will receive when you walk through our BBI doors.

Give our new office a call today to schedule a personal mental health evaluation that best fits your schedule! Brain & Body Integration is here to help you, just reach out to tell us when. Call our new office now!

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