The Best Fit Plan for Your Medication Needs

Our nurse practitioners use a holistic and scientific approach to find the best fit for your medication. Every patient is different, therefore, each plan is different. 

Prescription of psychotropic medication

Our medically informed, holistic approach to treatment seeks to help our clients with their specific psychological needs.  Our prescribers will evaluate you to determine if medication management is the right option for you.

Genetic testing

The GeneSight Psychotropic laboratory developed test analyzes how your genes affect the way your body may respond to FDA-approved medicines commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, schizophrenia or other behavioral health conditions.

The information from the GeneSight test can help your healthcare provider select the medicine(s) and dose(s) that are best suited to your condition and  genetic makeup. Medicines that align well with your genes may work better with fewer side effects. This service is only available for patients of Dr. Brann.

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Dr. Julie Brann

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Brann received her degree in nursing, and she later earned a Master’s degree in pastoral care and worked as a counselor for nearly ten years. She was awarded a doctorate in ministry with an emphasis in counseling. Dr. Julie has served in the military, worked in private practice, and worked for the Veteran’s Health Administration. She approaches healing from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective utilizing complementary and alternative methods as well as conventional medicines. In addition, Dr. Brann is a Master Psychopharmacologist (awarded to her by the Neuroscience Education Institute). Dr. Brann has a passion to help people of all ages, races, lifestyles, and spiritual backgrounds reach maximum wellness in body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Brann treats adults, children, and adolescents. She is credentialed with several insurance companies (see below), and she also accepts self-pay clients.

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Margaret Montoya, MSN

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Margaret is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with 32 years of experience as a nurse, 25 years of specializing in psychiatry, and 22 years serving the military community, first at Evans Army Hospital at Ft. Carson and then at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

She strongly believes in the importance of holistic health and wellness, taking into consideration all aspects of a client’s life including body, mind, spirit, culture, and environment to name a few.


Anna Abrego

Administrative Assistant

We Accept Health Insurance

We do accept health insurance for Medication Management with Dr. Brann and Margaret Montoya. Here are the insurance plans we work with. 

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
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